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One of the unique aspects of Dauman Electric, Inc. is each of our technicians has at least five years of experience, with others having more than 25 years. That means our customers in Fall River, WI, and the throughout the surrounding communities have the peace of mind of knowing that a knowledgeable electrician will be working on their home or business. We aren’t about fixing an issue for the short term and moving on. Instead, we do things the right way the first time, so they work for years to come. We also listen to your concerns and provide you with recommendations and options. A well-informed customer is a happy customer. In addition to working with homeowners, we are always looking to partner with quality general contractors. We don’t just work for you, but we work with you, too!

Services We Provide

New Home Wiring

 Your home is the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Don’t leave your electrical system to chance instead call the pros at Dauman Electric Inc. to ensure your entire system is installed properly and up to code.


Adding a new room to your home? Are you turning the basement into a living area? Turn to Dauman Electric Inc. to do the job for you. Our experienced electricians can provide the service and advice you need to turn that space into a usable room for your home.

Landscape Lighting Design And Installation
Lighting your home serves two purposes: safety and curb appeal. Landscape lighting allows the beauty of your landscape to live on even after the sun goes down. It can double as pathway lighting for your home and comes in a variety of styles and finishes.
HomeWorks Lighting Control

We’re happy to partner with Lutron® by installing their HomeWorks line of lighting controls. This system provides convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated control of your home’s lighting and shades, and it can also be combined with your audiovisual and security systems. To learn more, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

Radio Ra, Ra2 Lighting Control

Ever dreamed of controlling the amount of natural light, electric light, and the temperature of your home remotely? Well, now you can with the RadioRA system by Lutron®. The system will even turn off standby power to small appliances when not in use, which will save you on your energy costs. To learn more, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

Additional Services We Provide

Service Upgrades
Knob And Tube Removal
Generator Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my lights flickering?

Before Dauman Electric Inc. will send a licensed electrician to your home, here are a few questions we would ask you, and then a few things for you to check first. Is the flickering isolated? Meaning, do you have one area of the house that has flickering lights or is it throughout the whole house? If it is an isolated event, there could be a connector issue. If it is the whole house, you should first call your service provider. This call is free and will ensure there is no disruption coming into the house.

Why are my bulbs different colors but from the same box?

There is a process called the binning process. The process is provided at different levels. Usually larger scale operations or manufacturers shorten the process to ensure the bulbs deliver the same output. This will lead to bulbs from the same box emitting different levels of output. This includes larger warehouses like Menards, Walmart, etc.

Why don’t my lights outside work?

This issue could be due to a number of reasons. Prior to having a licensed electrician coming to your home, call your service provider to ensure there is not a disruption in your service. Once you determine there is no connection issue, Dauman Electric can walk you through some possible issues with your source of power. If we are unable to resolve it by phone, we can send a licensed electrician to assess the situation. 

Why hire a licensed electrician?

Aside from peace of mind with having a quality electrician complete your work, there are other benefits to hiring a licensed electrician. Licensed electricians are continuously updated on codes, regulations, pulling permits, and have established working relationships with inspectors relevant to the safety of your home projects.

How many watts should I use in the bulb in my shower?

In bathrooms, hallways, utility rooms you can use 60 watt bulbs for safety. In larger rooms like your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms you can use 75-100 watt bulbs.

Who can fix my generator?

Generators are complex devices that often require the manufacturer to fix or exchange parts. Dauman Electric Inc. will not fix a broken generator but does routine maintenance as a preventative measure to keep your generator lasting longer!

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For more information or to schedule a free estimate, please contact us at 920-484-3852. We look forward to working with you in the future!

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